The Grace of Marriage

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There are few things of supreme value to me in this world – one of the greatest of these is my dear daughter, Sarah Grace Hayes.

Wedding 2

Many people have asked me, as her matrimonial day approached, how I am doing and whether I will be overcome with emotion at the wedding (sometimes with only a thinly veiled glee at the thought of me breaking down completely 😥 ). While I have felt serious minded this week, I have to say that it has been part of my mission for the last twenty-one years to prepare for this day: sending her forth on mission to be a great lady of faith, virtue, service and usefulness to the Lord, her husband and children, and the world around her.

Wedding 1

I am, by faith, prepared for this day. I am ready for her to discard the name of her birth, and to take on a new identity, destiny and household. By God’s grace, I rejoice for her to become an Evans. For it is clear that, in His providential love, God has brought brought forth Josiah to give her his name, his love and life. I have no doubts, concerns or cares. Only grateful confidence that God is doing all things well!

Here is my toast at the celebration today:

May the One bind you together as one in Him, united in purpose and holy zeal for His Kingdom;

May the eternal love of the Three inspire you to faithful devotion, sacrificial service to one another and a continuous and joyful celebration of life;

May the Father’s care guide you as stewards of the children given to you, to raise might men and women of valor in His Name;

May the Son, your Savior and King, forever shower upon you His best blessings;

and May the Spirit breathe upon you so that the fires of love will burn deeply between you forever.

To Grace and Josiah!

I hope today is everything you ever dreamed it would be, Sweet Pea!

Wedding 3

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Lovely, lovely photo of you and your sweet daughter… Congratulations to you all.

July 6th, 2013 at 2:01 pm

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